“That last item is a sauce for Lynnhaven River Pleasure House Oysters, one of the seven hors d’oeuvres on Wykle’s menu and one of several dishes designed to acquaint New York diners with the flavors of Virginia, and especially Tidewater.”

Chef Jesse Wykle of Zoes is crafting some Tidewater goodness at the James Beard Foundation Virginia Beach Bash in NYC this evening.


Hors d’Oeuvre
Pleasure House Oysters with Kimchi Mignonette . . .

Enjoy Lorraine Eaton’s article at Pilotonlne.com.

Julia Child equated the experience to a musician performing at Carnegie Hall. Local chefs who have made the trek include Todd Jurich of Todd Jurich’s Bistro in Norfolk; Sam McGann, executive chef and co-owner of Blue Point in Duck, N.C., and Rodney Einhorn of Virginia Beach’s Terrapin Restaurant.


Best of luck to our friend Chef Jesse Wykle of Zoes!

Behind the Beach Life: The Oyster Life. Behind the scenes video.

Hope you enjoy this fun behind the scenes video from our recent photo & video shoot.

This was filmed during the Virginia’s Sea to Table work we were fortunate to work on.

We are thrilled & humbled to be part of getting the word out about our magnificent Lynnhaven River!

Thank you.

Start here to view more about the campaign.

“When people mention Captain Chris Ludford, the words “passionate” and “energized” are typically exchanged at some point in the conversation.”

Now, through the watermen’s heritage tour program, visitors to Virginia can experience the time-honored history and traditions of our working watermen up-close and personal.

Cap'n Lee at the dock after it's first test run

Cap’n Lee at the dock after it’s first test run

View our listing at The Chesapeake Bay’s Best Hands-On Tour website.

Be sure to check out the Build Your Tour at the Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula, or Virginia Beach areas.

Please support your local watermen! It’s entertaining, educational, & tasty!

When was the last time you slurped oysters IN the Lynnhaven?


Learn more about our Tours.

We’re honored to be the cover of the inaugural issue of Coastal Virginia’s Green Magazine!

So support our local watermen and waterways by eating oysters. Eat them raw. Eat them . . .


Thank you!

Enjoy reading and sharing Coastal Virginia’s Green Magazine.

Be sure to turn to page 16 and check out Understanding the Oyster – Our most Eco-Friendly Entree by Patrick Evans-Hylton.

From Let’s Talk Green | The Ask HR Green Blog

You’ll also find a food feature on our area’s beloved oyster, shedding light on why consuming local food straight from our waterways benefits more than just our taste buds.

View link over at CoastalVirginiaMag.com.

“Groups of up to 12 people can climb aboard with Pleasure House Oysters to tour their working oyster farm, learn the history of…”

Seaside Group Getaway: “Live the Life” in Virginia Beach at Leisure Group Travel April 2015:

. . . Virginia Beach’s famous Lynnhaven oysters and restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay, and sip the wine of their choice as they slurp bivalves straight from the water.

Oyster farm tour at Pleasure House Oysters. Credit: Virginia Beach CVB

Oyster farm tour at Pleasure House Oysters. Credit: Virginia Beach CVB

“Pleasure House Oysters, based in Virginia Beach, offers a couple of ways to venture onto the Lynnhaven River.”

The Southern Agenda: December/January 2015 at Garden & Gun November 2014:

There’s no denying that Southern oysters are at their best straight out of the water in late fall and winter. Discover that flavorful fact for yourself during an Oyster Farm Tour on the Lynnhaven River…

Read the rest of the article about Pleasure House Oyster Tours in this issue’s Garden & Gun!

“Eating an oyster is an art form, really. For the best flavor, aficionados say, the shellfish must be eaten raw.”

Science of Oysters by Diane Tennant with photography by Eric Lusher for Distinction Magazine Food Issue October 2014:

“You’ve got to remember, there is no food we consume that is more emblematic of the place from which they come,” says Dan Lewis, chef and owner of Coastal Provisions on the Outer Banks.

“What we call an oyster taste, that doesn’t really occur until about eight or 10 chews into the oyster. Then it blooms at that point.” Texture plays a big role in the whole oyster-eating experience, they say.

Ludford Brothers Oyster Company & Eric Lusher working in the Lynnhaven

Ludford Brothers Oyster Company & Eric Lusher working in the Lynnhaven

Chris & Eric Lusher working in the Lynnhaven

Chris & Eric Lusher working in the Lynnhaven

Lee Gregory with what it's all about - the oysters

Lee Gregory with what it’s all about – the oysters

Thanks to John Fall & Distinction for having us work with Eric Lusher on the photos for this incredibly detailed & entertaining article.

Be sure to check out the entire article entitled Science of Oysters at Distinction.

The Virginia oyster is back

Lydia Wheeler from Inside Business August 29th 2014:

“There’s a revolution happening,” said Chris Ludford, owner of Ludford Brothers Oyster Co., a boutique oyster grower in Virginia Beach. “In the last four to five years we’ve regained a foothold in a younger population of oyster eaters.”

“The salinity of the water, whether it’s grown in a bag or in a cage, whether it’s in a marsh or in the middle of a salt flat, contributes to the different merroir of an oyster,” Ludford said. “In Virginia, we have seven regions and seven unique flavors.”

Ludford describes the Pleasure House oysters he raises in the Lynnhaven River as slightly briny with a sweetness that comes to the palate with the body of the oyster.

“It’s like jumping through the wave at the beach,” he said. “It’s all-encompassing.”

Be sure to read the entire article entitled The Virginia oyster is back at Inside Business – The Hampton Roads Business Journal.


VIRGINIA OYSTER ROAD TRIP:LYNNHAVEN by Julie Qiu at InAHalfShell.com July 2014:

Before you think oyster farming is a breeze, just consider this: a few ounces of 2mm oyster seed can net out in thousands of pounds of heavy lifting down the road. For Chris and his crew, it’s a backbreaking labor of love.

They also harvest and deliver same day, year-round. By keeping his distribution local and limited, Pleasure House Oysters has been able to enjoy premium brand status and pricing.

Photo Credit: Julie Qiu InAHalfShell.com. Gorgeous!

Photo Credit: Julie Qiu InAHalfShell.com. Gorgeous!