The Virginia oyster is back

Lydia Wheeler from Inside Business August 29th 2014:

“There’s a revolution happening,” said Chris Ludford, owner of Ludford Brothers Oyster Co., a boutique oyster grower in Virginia Beach. “In the last four to five years we’ve regained a foothold in a younger population of oyster eaters.”

“The salinity of the water, whether it’s grown in a bag or in a cage, whether it’s in a marsh or in the middle of a salt flat, contributes to the different merroir of an oyster,” Ludford said. “In Virginia, we have seven regions and seven unique flavors.”

Ludford describes the Pleasure House oysters he raises in the Lynnhaven River as slightly briny with a sweetness that comes to the palate with the body of the oyster.

“It’s like jumping through the wave at the beach,” he said. “It’s all-encompassing.”

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