Maintaining a healthy Lynnhaven is vital.

Lynnhaven River NOW, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation & the Shore Drive Community Coalition are three of the organizations you can help whose work contributes to ensuring a healthy Lynnhaven.

Healthy Lynnhaven is vital

Healthy Lynnhaven is vital

Lynnhaven River NOW:

Our goal is a clean and healthy Lynnhaven River and our objectives are

(1) to identify and reduce sources of contamination in the river; reduce nutrients, sediments and chemicals running off of our lawns, parking lots, roadways and out of our septic systems;

(2) to educate and engage the community and partner organizations in restoring and protecting the Lynnhaven River;

(3) to restore lost habitats such as oyster reefs, salt marshes, and other buffers that help to filter polluted runoff and protect the river and it’s marine life.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation:

Oysters filter water

Help oysters keep the Lynnhaven healthy

Our Vision

The Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers, broadly recognized as a national treasure, will be highly productive and in good health as measured by established water quality standards. The result will be clear water, free of impacts from toxic contaminants, and with healthy oxygen levels. Natural filters on both the land and in the water will provide resilience to the entire Chesapeake Bay system and serve as valuable habitat for both terrestrial and aquatic life.

Oyster spat: most vulnerable stage

Oyster spat: the most vulnerable stage

Shore Drive Community Coalition:

The Coalition has been in existence since January 2001 and has four main objectives:

1. To provide a unified “Voice” for the community that will work hand in hand with the City of Virginia Beach and the Shore Drive Advisory Committee (if in existence) to better the quality of life along the Shore Drive corridor.

2. To provide proactive assessments and reactive solutions to civic issues concerning the entire Shore Drive neighborhood.

3. To organize and encourage participation in an annual local event that promotes community friendship and camaraderie.

4. To act as an effective communication tool that provides pertinent information to all of the Shore Drive corridor organizations.