Oysters from the Lynnhaven were renowned
as the best in the world.

Join us in their revival!

From start to finish we care for our oysters entirely by hand: Pleasure House Oysters are hand selected, tumbled, graded, cleaned, counted and packaged.


Enjoy Pleasure House Oysters
in the Lynnhaven.

+Pleasure House Tours+

… 3 boat tours that are equally as entertaining as they are educational, providing a behind-the-scenes look through various oyster farms along the Lynnhaven River.

Click to view Tours

Have you experienced dining IN the Lynnhaven?


Pleasure House Oysters are offered exclusively
at the following fine restaurants:

Terrapin Restaurant

Terrapin has received the prestigious AAA Four Diamond Award Consecutively since 2008

3102 Holly Road, Pinewood Square, Suite 514
Virginia Beach Virginia

Using ‘Fresh from the Land’ products is common-sense cooking… It’s good for the environment, good for the body and good for the soul. ~ Chef Rodney

A.W.Shucks Raw Bar and Grill

2200 Colonial Avenue
Norfork Virginia

Zoe’s Steak & Seafood

713 19th Street
Virginia Beach Virginia

Work Release

Neon District
759 Granby Street
Norfolk, VA 23510


Creative District
501 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23451


Highland Park
4314 Colley Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23508


Highland Park
5103 Colley Ave
Norfolk, VA 23508


13 thoughts on “Enjoy

  1. I had the chance to eat some of these Lynnhaven Oysters a couple weeks ago at an event . The oysters were outstanding and the whole operation is first class.

  2. Good morning sir — your Oyster Tasting event at Terrapin yesterday (10 Dec 13) was awesome — Donna and I thoroughly enjoyed the local history / knowledge … although I might have to attend again to start to understand all that you went through with us … 🙂 That is another way of saying we WILL be back —thanks again and please put us on your email list for future events. Terrapin is a great place as well — lead chef / staff / Bryan out front with wine knowledge — great Team effort!

    All the best always

    Donna and walt

    PS —Sent note to wrong place yesterday (Lynnhaven Oyster) and also sent an old “oyster” picture —send me an email address and will send that —I don’t see a place here to attach / embed a picture —thanks!

  3. I’ve had the Lynnhaven oysters,and there is nothing to compare them too,still big and salty like they where back in the 60’s

  4. Dear Mr Ledford: I’ve enjoyed your website and I’ve had your oysters at A.W. Shucks. They seem to do a very good job there! Good shucking by Jamie. I’d love to take tour and could easily find others interested. Yes, I’d love to take your tour and check out the farm. Waterman and Tasting tours. I do live on the water and would like to grow in a float but I would not expect that I could do what the pros do. I’m a very avid consumer and find shucking pleasurable (I don’t have to do it for a living!!). I’ve always wanted to attend a Terrapin oyster tasting but seem to always find out after the fact. I’m sure they fill up quite quickly!! I’m a fan of size and brine!! Thanks. arthur j goldman

  5. What a fantastic farm and operation! We had the pleasure of taking a tour with Chris and had an amazing experience. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to his craft. It’s clear that Pleasure House is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability – and these oysters are the tastiest I’ve ever had!

  6. Very interesting suggestions about Oysters, but you forgot to mention the beautiful selection of these delicassies in the Pacific Ocean: Kumamotos from California & Oregon, Oysters from Quilacum, B.C. in Canada and the best in the WORLD; oysters from Chiloe Island in Chile. Try to taste raw oysters with just a few drops of lemon juice, and you will taste Heaven!

  7. Took a great Oyster tour of the Pleasure House reef with Chris and his First Mate, Carson, on Saturday May 20th.

    Great tour! Educational, fun and great oysters, too.

    Highly recommended.

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