Mary Reid Barrow shares our coyote swimming video. Thank you!

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No wonder coyotes are getting around the area so easily!

Our coyote videos made the news !

WAVY TV 10 coverage here.

We ❤ our Lynnhaven River!

Why we work so hard to help keep our beloved river clean by raising oysters. You never know what you might experience on the water.

A minute after he disappeared into the woods a mature bald eagle flew by. Love this place!

Join us on a Tour sometime.

On February 8th at 6:30pm join us for a spectacular evening at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center for the World Premiere of Ocean Frontiers III.

We are co-sponsoring the world premier of this film. Pleasure House Oysters also plays a small role in the film.

This has been a great series so if you get the time watch the first two films. It’s all about managing the future of our oceans.

We are shucking oysters at the event prior to the film viewing.

Please come! Pass the word; it’s FREE!
Great for teachers, students, family and anyone who cares about our oceans.


Click pic to view Free Registration info.

Click pic to view Free Registration info.

On February 8th at 6:30pm join us for a spectacular evening at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center for the World Premiere of Ocean Frontiers III. It’s a truly unique and hopeful ocean film that explores the intersection of national security, marine commerce and conservation. Savor rare underwater footage of stunning marine life along the coast from Virginia to Maine and hear from a range of people who are leading the way to a sustainable and thriving ocean.

When: Wed. February 8 – Reception 6:30pm · Film 7pm · Panel/Q&A 8pm
Where: Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, 717 General Booth Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Free admission & refreshments
RSVP to save your seat: link to register

Participate in the post-film conversation about the new Mid-Atlantic ocean plan and get your questions answered by our panelists, all of whom are featured in the film:

Laura McKay – Program Manager, Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program
Joe Atangan – Physical Scientist, U.S. Fleet Forces Command, U.S. Navy
Chris Scraba – Deputy Chief, Waterways Management, U.S. Coast Guard
Matt Gove – Mid-Atlantic Policy Manager, Surfrider Foundation
Capt. Chris Ludford – Owner, Pleasure House Oysters
Mark Swingle – Director of Research & Conservation, Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center (moderator)

This event is hosted by the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, Virginia Coastal Zone Management, Virginia Sea Grant, Old Dominion University, Virginia Beach Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, Virginia Marine Trades Association, The Nature Conservancy, Virginia Port Authority, Pleasure House Oysters, Virginia Maritime Association, Virginia Conservation Network, North American Marine Environment Protection Association, Elizabeth River Project, Lynnhaven River Now, American Planning Association – Virginia Chapter, Virginia Wesleyan College, Sierra Club Virginia Chapter, Wild Oceans and Green Fire Productions.

Ocean Frontiers III trailer:

Note: People with American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) certification can receive a maintenance credit for this event. Log your credit here:

Event contact: Eva Barnett,

We rescued an entangled Osprey on the river this morning. Video.

We thought there was something wrong from yards away as Osprey very, very rarely sit on a dock.

Captain Ludford on Osprey rescue

Captain Ludford on Osprey rescue

Check video at Periscope TV to see our rescue. We love our river!

Join us sometime.
You never know what you’ll experience!

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The Making Of An Ostreaphile at Epicure & Culture

Pleasure House Oysters: The Making Of An Ostreaphile Epicure & Culture – Food, Wine & Culture for the Ethical Traveler.

I’d watched them shuck open some unsuspecting barnacle-laden shell, tip it up, and let a pulpy, slimy mass of flesh slide down their throat.
No thanks, I’ll pass.
Until I met the Lynnhaven oyster. Now all bets are off.

“Our theory is based on a three-legged stool of conservations, restoration, and aqua culture,” said Chris. When asked to define aqua theory, he said it’s when you get to eat the bounty, while the other two legs of the stool get built back up. It occurred to me that this is a proverbial win/win/win scenario.





We encourage you to view Patti Morrow’s article which includes some great photos of our trip.

Have you had grilled fresh oysters IN the Lynnhaven?

Join us on a Tour. Start here to learn more.

“Or if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, head to Pleasure House Oysters on the Lynnhaven for the Chef’s Table Tour.”

5 Reasons to Hit Virginia’s New Oyster Trail This Spring Daily Shot Garden & Gun Blog February 2016.

We’re honored to be mentioned again in Garden & Gun.

You’ll pull on waders and head out onto the river with Captain Chris Ludford for a catered meal at a pop-up table in the shallows with oysters plucked from the water beneath you. It’s BYOB, though; so don’t forget to pack the wine.

Photo credit: Bret & Mary from Green Global Travel

Photo credit: Bret & Mary from Green Global Travel

The south is your oyster – in Southern Living magazine

Thank you for selecting us to be in Southern Living 50 Best Places in the South Now.

View our mention in Southern Living magazine page 160 in your print version.

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Have you experienced dining IN the Lynnhaven?

Pleasure House Oysters’ Chef’s Table Tour, offered on the Lynnhaven River in Virginia Beach

“My mission is to produce an oyster in a safe and healthy manner that promotes the reputation of this river.”

The Virginian-Pilot On the Lynnhaven River, oyster population sees a comeback – and conflict December 12th 2015:

If allowed to do what he proposes, he says, he’d accelerate the river’s remarkable improvement. He’d also contribute to a seafood industry that, he points out, state officials have worked hard to invigorate. Last month, Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced the opening of a Virginia Oyster Trail in hopes of drawing tourists eager to eat their way through the tidal region.

To many of those whose multimillion-dollar homes would look out over Ludford’s new grounds, however, the oyster leases would mark . . .

Oysterman Chris Ludford pulls oyster cages into shallow water . . .  Photo Credit: The' N. Pham | The Virginian-Pilot

Oysterman Chris Ludford pulls oyster cages into shallow water . . . Photo Credit: The’ N. Pham | The Virginian-Pilot

We sincerely hope you read this entire article and join the discussion at
Start here to read On the Lynnhaven River, oyster population sees a comeback – and conflict

“The big thing that makes these oysters special is the proximity to the Chesapeake Bay and the ocean,” Ludford says as he steers the fiberglass boat, his vivid orange waders providing striking contrast to the brilliant blue sky.

VIRGINIA: Pleasure House Oysters Helps Restore at Green Global Travel November 2015

“They called their first three winters here ‘the starving times,’” says Ludford, an avid history buff. “The colonists had to live off of what they found because they weren’t able to clear the land for agrarian purposes. So the Chesepian Indians showed them how to live off of the land, particularly deer, fish, and oysters. Back then these oysters were a matter of sustenance, not luxury.”

It was great to meet Bret Love & Mary Gabbett of Green Global Travel !

It was great to meet Bret Love & Mary Gabbett of Green Global Travel !


Read the rest of the outstanding article at Green Global Travel!

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It was an honor to meet & work with World Champion Oyster Shucker Deborah Pratt

World champion oyster shucker Deborah Pratt has won more major oyster shucking competitions than anyone else alive today.

It was an honor to finally meet her this week and an even bigger honor to be shucking our oysters alongside her at the Virginia Tourism event in Portsmouth, Va. We also had an opportunity to work with Chef Rodney again too.

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