After savoring the lively liquid (of which there was plenty), I slurped up the slippery, oversized shellfish and started chewing (something I began doing at the behest of the oyster experts around me, and it makes sense…”

Erik Mathes from The Daily Meal November 21 2013:

For starters, these are no ordinary oysters in terms of dimension: they’re huge. Sipping the liquor, you get a refreshing, briny taste that snaps across your palate. It’s an instant, salty awakening of the senses and an excellent indication of what’s to follow.

If you’re intrigued with the Pleasure House Oysters process and you’re around Virginia Beach, try out their goods at one of the aforementioned restaurants and see what you think. Their size, shells, and taste are bound to impress, but it’s their positive impact on the environment that’s their most profound distinction.

Be sure to read the entire article entitled “Pleasure House Oysters: Reviving Virginia’s Lynnhaven River” at The Daily Meal.