We were able to be on Hearsay with Cathy Lewis on WHRO on Monday. Thank you!

Mom Ludford got to talk with members of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Wetland’s Watch, the Virginia Conservation Network, and The Army Corps of Engineers about the state of the Chesapeake Bay and the best practices for preserving its health and usability live on the award winning Hearsay with Cathy Lewis on WHRO this past Monday.

It was a great discussion, including Cathy taking phone calls and the panel answering questions about steps we need to take to continue to improve our waters.

We encourage you to listen to the show!

Follow this link to more about the show including Hearsay’s link to listen On Demand.

Hopefully the next show, Chris can make it to the studio and bring some samples of the renowned Lynnhaven oyster with him. (He had to take advantage of Mother Nature’s help working on the Lynnhaven at a much lower tide thanks to the full moon.)

One of the many cages we sorted Monday

One of the many cages we sorted Monday