Sad day for Virginians and specifically the locals in and around Virginia Beach. We have been struggling with how and when to post this event.

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Sad day for Virginians and specifically the locals in and around Virginia Beach. We have been struggling with how and when to post this event. Our goal with Instagram has been to inform and entertain not on a political level but recent events have forced our hand. A small, wealthy and powerful group of waterfront residents are trying to push oyster aquaculture out of the Lynnhaven River. Yes we have pointed out the great things oysters do to enhance habitat, clean water and attract fish. They simply do not care. Here I am being given a written warning for my oyster gear being "out of compliance". The gear we use was designed and approved by the state. In fact much of it was given to us in the form of a grant. What the latest "warnings" amounts to is harassment at the behest of the homeowners. The MPO serving me was following orders & we have no ill will towards him or them. You the public own the waterways and the bottom under the water. In the coming weeks we will need your help. For now feel free to call Commissioner John Bull at the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, State Reps Bill Desteph and Jason Miyares to voice your support for local food, farmers and speak about your ownership of the waters. #LynnhavenRiver #oysters #aquaculture #seafood #FarmToTable #SeaToTable #FamilyFarm #OysterLove #RiverLove #CommercialFishing #SupportItOrImportIt #OysterLife #FarmLife #BuyFreshBuyLocalHR #FreshFood #VBBaylife #VisitVaBeach #VaOysterTrail #LoveLE #MarinePatrolJustFollowingOrders

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Three Comments we’ve received in support from Aquaculture lovers who understand the importance of a vibrant, vital Aquaculture business in the Commonwealth’s waters.

You’re so very welcome! Happy to educate and assist where I can. Education is the key. I hate seeing you go through this. You’ve done so much and worked so many events to help educate residents on the importance of aquaculture and bringing the oysters back to the Lynnhaven River.

If there is anything I can do to advocate and help you with the good you are doing for the Lynnhaven River and your aquaculture operation please let me know.

No homeowner “owns” the water! It’s there for all of us to enjoy. One would think that a clean waterway would benefit those homeowners and their property values.

If you follow us on Instagram, you already know this is by far the most viewed and Commented Instagram we’ve ever had.

After this Instagram post we were contacted, so far, by local media.

Click to view WTKR coverage

Click to view WTKR coverage

View WAVY’s coverage.

Attend the Workgroup mentioned in the news coverage.

    The Lynnhaven River Oyster Work Group will meet on:

    July 29, 2016 at the Virginia Beach Tidewater Community College campus in the Student Center, Room K-304, from 9 AM until approximately 2:00 PM.

    The Student Center is located at the campus at 1700 College Crescent, Virginia Beach, VA 23453. Parking for this meeting will be available behind the Virginia Beach Building (G).

    Get directions at Google Maps here.

We hope you can attend.

Oyster farmers, their families and workers throughout the Lynnhaven and the Commonwealth have been receiving support by phone call, email, social media and in face to face encounters.

It means a lot to us and we appreciate your continued support.

We will share more news about this serious threat to Lynnhaven’s Aquaculture business and how you can help.

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