“Pleasure House Oyster … none better!”

Oyster Wars with Camera Cutlass by David Hammond in BeLight The eZine of Kalamazoo College May 2014:

The oysters were much bigger than I’d usually prefer an oyster to be, but each was stunningly delicious, with briny, balanced flavors and beautifully firm flesh.

Terrapin is one of only three restaurants that serve Pleasure House oysters; production at this oyster farm is understandably low.

Pleasure House oysters is one of many farms that have reclaimed their place around Chesapeake Bay. In response to the increasing demand for oysters, companies that had previously gone under are coming back to life, and new companies are starting up; some are doing their best to bring back the old ways of oyster farming.

At the Pleasure House oyster farm, cages are pulled up and the oysters sorted and tumbled by hand. This totally manual approach might seem like a gimmick, but Pleasure House oysters were perhaps the finest oysters I’ve ever eaten.

Pleasure House Oyster … none better! Photo by David Hammond ’73.

Pleasure House Oyster … none better! Photo by David Hammond ’73.

Thank you for your kind words & appreciation David and we look forward to meeting you again!

Be sure to read David Hammond’s entire article entitled Oyster Wars with Camera Cutlass in the The eZine of Kalamazoo College.

Back in November 2013 we were chosen to give a tour of the Lynnhaven to out of town writers.

We were fortunate to have met writer David Hammond on the tour.