Thank you for the opportunity of having us on a panel at the Chesapeake Bay Commission meeting today.

We were able to participate in a Chesapeake Bay Commission panel discussion about the issues affecting local oysterman.

The Three Faces of Oyster Restoration Sanctuaries, Public Grounds and Private Leases
Bruce Vogt
Manager, Coastal and Living Resources Management
NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Efforts Underway and the Challenges Ahead


Colonel Paul B. Olsen
District Engineer, Norfolk U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Tom O’Connell
Director Fisheries Service
Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources

Martin Gary
Executive Secretary
Potomac River Fisheries Commission

Jack Travelstead
Virginia Marine Resources Commission

Chris Ludford
Pleasure House Oyster Company

The Chesapeake Bay Commission does important work.

The Chesapeake Bay Commission is a policy leader in the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay. As a tri-state legislative assembly representing Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania, the Commission’s leadership covers a full spectrum of Bay issues: from managing living resources and conserving land, to protecting water quality. By combining its unique access to both the legislative and executive branches of each Bay state with well-honed skills in research, policy-development and consensus building, the Commission has achieved consistently strong and effective results in pursuit of Bay restoration goals.

Thank you for allowing us to participate and to help with continued efforts to improve water quality in the Lynnhaven and Chesapeake Bay.