I’ll never be able to thank my dinner host enough for introducing me to Lynnhaven oysters from Pleasure House Oysters

Jen Murphy from AFAR, The Experimental Travel Guide September 17th 2013:

…(as well as introducing me to the Pleasure House Oyster farmer, Chris Ludford, who later in the trip took us out to harvest oysters on his farm) or suggesting that we order the bulk of the menu so we could taste everything.

Chef Rodney Einhorn’s Virginia Beach bistro blew my mind. Everything, from the fantastic cocktails, extensive and affordable wine list, impeccable service, and a meal that rivaled any I’ve eaten this year, was perfect.

Thanks to Chef Sarah Simmons for her kind words!

As the chef-owner of the New York City Culinary Salon, CITY GRIT, Sarah Simmons cooks in the kitchen some of the time, but also plays host to chefs from all over the country who come to cook. Simmons uses her travels to find both recipe inspiration as well as future guest chefs

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