“Little did I know these were a modern day homage to a historically iconic oyster. I shared them with a select group of the most avid oyster loving colleagues, and here’s what we had to say…”

Julie Qiu from In A Half Shell May 14th 2013:

They were quite plush and varied in mouthfeel. Some bits were as elastic as a clam, while others were soft and supple like sea urchin.
I’m a huge fan of interesting texture, and these definitely had it.

The verdict was unanimous: Pleasure House Oysters are amazing. Everyone who tried an oyster most certainly wandered back for a second… and third… maybe a forth, accompanied by big wide puppy eyes. No one could get enough of these supremely plump and toothsome oysters from the great Lynnhaven River.

Be sure to read the entire review of Pleasure House Oysters at In A Half Shell located for this tasting in Times Square NYC.

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